Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Candy: Tootsie Fruit Roll Midge Roses

Since some of my friends are Catholic, there's been Easter candy every where. I tried an old candy, but new to me, for the first time and couldn't help but play with them. You know how I am, gotta play with my foodstuffs. From what I've gathered, the Tootsie Fruit Roll Midges are available a few times a year.

Super easy, and a fun "trick" to show your friends. As you can see from the photo, it's super shiny. That's because the rolls try to dissolve in your hands if your hands are warm, or say, you live in Florida and it's been high 80's low 90's ALL DAY. So, for those of you in colder places, this won't be so bad.

Since I was the only one eating these, I didn't wear gloves. If you're gonna put them on cupcakes or something to that effect, wear gloves or wash your hands very well. Now check my MAD "MS Paint" skillz, yo.

Get one of the green midges and cut some flattened squares off. Apply to the finished rose. TA-DA! Bring on the left over candy, we can take it.

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